RJ Enterprises

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3/4 Raptor Milling @ 400 IPM 304L Stainless Steel

Aerospace Grade 718 Inconel

Looking For Superior CNC Machined Parts?

We are your one-stop source for primary and secondary operations of premium machined parts. With our technical capacity and highly skilled staff, we produce parts that are unsurpassed in their performance, durability and high quality, and have contributed to the success of our clients since 1986.

As an AS9100D certified company, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence. Our Los Angeles machine shop is routinely inspected and equpment upgrades are rapidly performed when required. We have a zero-tolerance rejection policy. Additionally, our experienced staff stays informed about new compliance requirements for manufactured parts. Our customers rely on our professionalism, product quality and promptness. This is the cornerstone of our operation.

RJ Enterprises employs highly qualified machinists for your production. Our experience includes automotive, aerospace, commercial, medical, lawn and garden, motorcycle suspension, computer and electronics components, oil and gas drilling, and many other specialized OEM parts. Utilizing CNC and CAD/CAM for turning and milling, RJ Enterprises regularly produces parts to tolerances of +/-.0001, thus creating a Dock-to-Stock quality. RJ Enterprises is able to work with a variety of materials stocks including steel, aluminum, Inconel alloys, stainless steel, copper/iron, plastics and many more.