EDM Wire

RJ Enterprises provides EDM Wire and EDM Wire Hole Drilling including large hole drilling and small hole drilling. We service a wide range of customers covering aerospace, medical, stamping dies, injection mold, extrusion tooling and conventional machining.

At RJ Enterprises, our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our commitment is to solve our customer’s challenges utilizing all of the knowledge, experience and talent that our team has to offer. Our promise is to do this with quality as our number one concern.

EDM Hole Drilling was originally used for putting in starter holes for the Wire EDM machines. We still use it for this purpose every day. We can put starter holes in as small as .010 diameters and as deep as 20 inches. It doesn’t matter if the material is hard or soft, aluminum or carbide.

We offer many services and products including wire electrical discharge machining services, EDM hole popping, EDM hole drilling, EDM hole drilling equipment, metal parts, cutting tools, EDM hole burners, stamping dies, automotive components, precision machining, extrusion tooling, injection mold, large hole drilling, small hole drilling and more.